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I’m a conservative Christian, have been since before I was old enough to vote. I believe that no matter who you are, no matter if you agree with me or not, that you be  honest. It doesn’t even matter if you have all the facts and know how to present them, just that you can look me in my eyes and tell me the truth. And I will do the same with you.  Lately the GOP has been on a tear, well, if lately means since Obama was elected for his first term. All of my party email has been tearing Obama and any and all Democrat in Washington or anywhere else down. I don’t know how it is like on the other side (or care to really) but this has gotten enough. Perhaps some post election whining, maybe some noticeable grumping when the big O does something the conservatives consider wrong.  But this on and on and on is detrimental to the party and to whichever candidate has the balls to run. I’ve taken to writing letters in reply to the Republican spam mail. It won’t do any good, but it feels better to know maybe someone might read them. I thought that I might share them here (and continue to if I remember) Laugh at my bipolar inspired logic if you would.


Re: We want your opinion
Liz Marr
May 7, 2014
To RNC Sean Spicer
When did your records change my name from Liz to Lis? You have had it right for ages.
You don’t want my opinion, all you want is money. I can’t donate to you anyway because I am one of the many trying to keep food on our plates while facing lawsuits from when we had no job at at all.
What do I want? I want to have the Republicans stand on the platform that they established long ago. That same platform that put Republicans in office in the past and would do so again if the party got their act together.
What I don’t want? I don’t want Republications pointing fingers and passing blame. Sure I don’t care for Obama and there is a reason I am not a Democrat, but I don’t want my party to continue acting like the both of them. Tell the people what solutions are needed, not that it is someone else’s fault. With the events in Congress I’m not convinced that Republicans don’t share the blame for a bunch of it.
Give me some solid candidates that say how want to fix things and give a plan, not point fingers to blame. When KNOW who to blame, we want it fixed. Give me candidates who are not found coming out of a back room zipping their pants or smoothing their skirts. Give me candidates who come from solid employ and the respect of their peers. I don’t mind if they are not lifelong politicians, I mind that they are lifelong active members of their community. Then they will know where the rest of us are coming from.
I wish people didn’t have to be millionaires to run and the party has to beg destitute people for money to even attempt to get someone in office. I do mind wasting what money I have supporting candidates who will not even be looked at because people are tired of the complaining and infighting and passing the blame they see in both parties.
This will be published on my Facebook as well as mailed.


Liz Marr
Jul 25, 2014
To Tony Parker
If I had the money perhaps I would give some to RNC, but we are just now recovering from a period of time that we could barely afford to eat and if it wasn’t we got a room to live in for free we would be sleeping in our car. And you keep pestering about money?
If there was another conservative party to join, I would. I firmly believes we lost the election because we were constantly bitching and pointing fingers and you are at it again. Talk about what the people want to hear. They need to know what has been identified wrong, specifically not in general (ex. a part of the budget rather than the budget as a whole) They want to know now what steps would be likely, not that if we get our guys in then something will be done.
Right now even if I had money, I wouldn’t pay for people who all they do is sit around and complain. Get a new campaign manager.


Re: Problem.
Liz Marr
Aug 13, 2014
To Ward Baker
So many Republicans have been reading hate speech, accusations, witch hunts, and not hearing any substantiated solutions to the very problems Obama is being accused of. Maybe if the party had some get-it-done attitudes and plans they would get some funding. Who wants to take money that they really don’t have and drop it into a party that, for all appearances, is going to continue pointing fingers and accusing after they get into office as much as they have now. Nobody likes a complainer, everyone likes a leader. A leader is someone who sees a solution and then takes the steps to get it done, not tell others that it needs to be done or complain that it hasn’t been done. I been waiting to see a leader, not a whiner. Then you will see the money I have. It won’t be much, but as things stand it won’t be any at all until I see what my money will buy. I shouldn’t have to pay for whining and name calling. Get with it.


Re: Do not forward
Liz Marr
Aug 22, 2014
To Chris McNulty
Could we perhaps have some emails that tell us what the Republicans are going to do to change things? I have seen no real plans or promises, just too much anti-Obama and anti-Democrat rantings. Please, before I send you any money I need to see that it is not going to be spent on name calling but rather people with valid ideas and the courage to pursue them. Look into history, those who win are those with a dream, not a vendetta.

30 August 2014


For nearly 2 weeks you have been sending me notices that my membership is due. You’ve sent me email from different people, all say the same thing. Tonight I get one that says my membership has expired. Good. Because I never had a membership in the first place. A year ago I could not afford to pay for any type of membership and before that I always paid with sweat equity. I was in the local committee, I handed out fliers, I posted and picked up signs. I can’t afford to pay you. I won’t pay you if I could unless you show me I will get something worthwhile for my money. Plus you better get someone doing these campaigns that knows how to do them. Between the shoddy emails and the bad record keeping you had better not have wasted that money I am reluctant to pay you. And quit sending the emails already, I was never a paid member of your club.


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